Deadlines Approaching for Value Adjustment Board Petitions

The deadlines are quickly approaching for filing petitions to the Value Adjustment Boards of many Florida counties.  Below are the deadlines for some of the counties within the author’s practice area:

Broward County                 September 18, 2009

Charlotte County                September 14, 2009

Collier County                      September 11, 2009

Hendry County                    September 18, 2009

Hillsborough County         September 14, 2009

Manatee County                  September 14, 2009

Miami-Dade County           September 18, 2009

Orange County                     September 18, 2009

Palm Beach County            September 14, 2009

Seminole County                 September 11, 2009

How much does it cost to file a VAB petition? The filing fee for a VAB petition is $15.  Depending on the nature of the dispute, the petitioner may also want to retain an attorney and/or appraiser to assist with the process, and those fees must be negotiated directly with the attorney or appraiser.

Where are petitions filed? Petitions are filed with the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board (the Clerk of Court also serves as clerk of the value adjustment board).


One Response to “Deadlines Approaching for Value Adjustment Board Petitions”

  1. Tom Kosterman Says:

    Thank you for a great blog………too bad none of this information is required to be on the TRIM notice. They just doubled the taxes on my rental home. This home was built in 1954 and is being compared to new beach houses around it. Now I have to try to file a late VAB. How would someone like to handle this case and what would it cost me?

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